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Thank you for the feedback from our classes - we really appreciate knowing how the classes help.  Let us know if there is any music you would like us to use, or any other ideas you have to improve our classes.

From Paul M:

I was made most welcome from the very first session I attended: there is a highly-supportive ethos to the group, not least from our patient leader, Jackie, who encourages invariably and cheerfully navigates us through various exercises and dance routines, all very well-tailored to our abilities. The exercises are easy to follow and include vocal strength, stretches, limb oppositions and flexibility. Some of the exercises (such as armswinging) I use at home and find very beneficial.

No-one judges anyone and the enjoyable sessions just fly past.
There is a good range of music deployed for the routines and appropriate warm-ups and
warm-downs are part of the classes.
Another big benefit is meeting fellow Parkinson’s sufferers and swapping tips and news and receiving encouragement/support from each other. 

Finally, there is a mental boost from moving about and socialising with supportive, kind
people: an hour to forget other worries.

It’s the hour of the week I look forward to the most!

From Pat:

'My sisters and l attend Jackie's class  and don't miss a week unless we really have to. To say that Jackie is a brilliant teacher is an understatement, she goes beyond that in order that we get the best out of every minute and the time always seems to go so quickly. Some, like us have been coming for years but when new people join she makes sure they are welcomed into the fold and included immediately (It is very rare for people not to come again). In summary for one hour each week Jackie and her band of helpers can almost make us believe we don't have PARKY'S! THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST. I could go on forever but no time.  We are joining another of Jackie's dance shows in MAY which will raise awareness of Parkinsons. Today she will get us practising so that we get our left/rights correct................keeeeeeeeep dancing............x '

From Peter and Kathy:

'We look forward to the classes each week. Very much helped with Parkinson's.  We love the singing sheets and enjoy the company of other people with Parkinson's.'

From Chris and Georgie:

'Chris feels the activity helps his Parkinson's. The social aspect of meeting other people with similar problems cannot be underestimated.  We both like the singing.  The whole class is very uplifting and we always enjoy every session.  Thank you - you are doing a brilliant job!'

From Rosemary and Trevor:

'We both look forward to coming - exercise with music with much fun.  Very helpful as it also links with formal exercise programmes.  Many thanks for the continuing welcome.'

'Revived and ready for anything.  gives you a feel good factor.'

'Amazing group.  Jackie is so motivational and happy - we really enjoy the class.'

'Thank you for a fabulous inclusive group.  Makes everyone feel uplifted and happy.  We enjoy the weekly sessions.  Great friendships being made.'

'Love it as it is - why mend it if it's not broken.'


'We both really enjoy the class, and everyone is so friendly.  'Zorba the Greek' was great!'

'Another lovely session - therapeutic and fun.'

'Brilliant!  Session so much fun.'

'Feel good factor again!'


'Well we might battle with our battements frappes and our grands plies may not get past demi, our pas de chat may be more de grenouille and the glissades involuntary, but we are doing it! We are taking control over  unruly limbs and unreliable balance and what's more are having fun and making new friends at the same time!

Every now and then one of our "corps de ballet" completes a personal triumph - choreography remembered or a balance maintained and we celebrate with our own divertissment. It won't get us to Sadler's Wells Jackie and Katie, but it does help us all - both physically and psychologically. Thank you for your vision, enthusiasm and patience - you really are doing a great job and we do appreciate you.'

'Hello Jackie, my sister and I would like to express how much we are enjoying the Parkinson's Dance classes in Exeter on Tuesday mornings especially when both you and Katie take charge.
There must be a number of "Parkinsonians" who live in the Exeter area who would, I am sure, if they knew about this weekly get together would find it very rewarding both physically and mentally. It's only a fiver to participate and meeting other sufferers is well worth the fee.

Feel free to use these comments in any way you wish to spread the word. It is one hour to be enjoyed and is great fun also.

'This class gives me an opportunity to use the rhythm of enjoyable music to enable me to move more and better than I would, just going about my daily business. It is one way of encouraging mindfulness in movement at other times as well. Our teachers are understanding of our limits, while being encouraging, but not too pushy. I also appreciate being in the company of others who struggle with similar problems as myself, even though Parkinsons affects us all in sometimes surprisingly different ways.

It is also a nice group of people to be with, apart from the help which I am sure such movement provides  slowing down the inevitable progress of our condition.

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